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SowinSeed Ministry is my life work as an author and poet. My name is Terese Holloway and it is my purpose to bring hope to Christians through my writing, speaking, and influence. This purpose was given to me in a dream and interpreted by the Lord.

Sowin Seed Devotional Book CoverI have numerous poems published and in my daily devotional book titled “Seeds of Hope” I want to continue my work with daily devotionals for those who are going through difficult times. Each day is a new poem meant to encourage and uplift heavy, broken, and bruised hearts. This book offers HOPE in order to give strength to continue running the race as you journey through this life.

In Seeds of Hope you will find:

            • Daily Devotional
            • Encouragement
            • Inspirational Quotes
            • Blessings and Hope
            • And much more..
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Latest Devotional Poem

The Sound Of Silent Wings

Thunder rumbled quietly thoughout the open sky;
As if the Lord was speaking, and I began to cry.
I could see so clearly, HIS Glory from above;
As heaven washed the shoreline
and kissed my mom with love.
I heard The Sound Of Silent Wings,
flutter in the breeze;
And saw the shimmer of the light,
dance atop the trees.
Like a silouette ascending, across the ocean tide;
The sound just seemd so silent,
the moment that she died.
Whisp of rays did capture, the colors of the sky;
And beauty, filled with wonder,
softly touched the tears I cried.
In a moment, life abandoned,
and joy's song DID sing;
"Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound ~
That Saved A Wretch Life Me!"
And in the Spirit, I did SEE,
the love that Glory brings,
For in the silence, I DID hear,
The Sound Of Silent Wings!
Terese Holloway


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