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Terese HollowayAuthor of Seeds of Hope and numerous poetic works

One night as I lay down to sleep, I asked the Lord to show me what my purpose was and would he show me this particular night in a dream. I quickly fell asleep and I began to dream about Bob Hope. I remember being so surprised as I KNEW that Bob Hope had passed several years prior!!

I asked Mr. Hope if I could take a picture of him and he agreed, then I asked him if I could have my picture taken with him and he agreed. Then to my surprise, Mr. Hope looked at me and asked if HE could take my picture and I agreed.

I happened to glance over to the other side of the room and I saw an old friend, a girl that I had grown up with in the small town of Stratford, Texas. Her name was Rozan, along with her was her sister, Sherilyn. Immediately, I grabbed Mr. Hope and dragged him over there and told him that I wanted him to meet my friends.

All of a sudden, the dream was at an end and I awoke! I sat straight up in bed a bit disoriented for a few seconds, wondering WHY I would have a dream such as that, it was one of the most real dreams I have ever had. Immediately the Lord reminded me of my request before I had fallen asleep that night, wanting to know my purpose in life. So I asked the Lord to show me what the dream meant and this is what He spoke to my spirit.

He began with Mr. Hope. He said Bob Hope was in the dream because of his name, HOPE!! The three pictures represented different things. The Lord showed me the first picture represented that I needed to SEE what HOPE looks like, the second picture is being able to see myself WITH HOPE and the third picture represents seeing myself through the eyes of HOPE! (these would be things that I, personally need to deal with and overcome.)

The next part of the dream was where I grabbed Mr. Hope by the arm and dragged him to my friends. Immediately the Lord reminded my of my friend, Rozan's, last name, it was Christian and because her sister was with her, that meant there were two Christians. And immediately, I heard the Lord speak to my spirit and tell me that the purpose of my life was to bring HOPE to the Christians. I will NEVER forget the Lord speaking that to me and giving me my purpose.

In November of 2008, the Lord woke me up from a deep sleep and I began to think of a cousin of mine that had been going through a cancer called Multiple Myleoma! It was an extraordinarily HARD time for her but through the power of prayer and God's hand moving we had seen a miracle on her behalf. I remembered laying there in that bed thinking of my cousin and wishing I could do something for her. Within seconds, the Lord reminded me about the dream of Bob Hope and then he reminded me of a personal word that I had received many years earlier, as a matter of fact it was EXACTLY 9 years earlier on that very day, November 19, 1999 (or 11-19-99), I remembered when I got the word, the woman speaking it to me told me to REMEMBER THE DATE because someday it would be very important. Now, here is was 9 years later and he was, again, giving me that same date! As I looked at the numbers, 11-19-99, I could see the one's and nine's clearly, I knew the Lord was showing me the beginning and the end. One represents beginning and nine represents fruit or harvest. This date was 11-19-08 which meant it had been nine years since I had received the word! In my spirit I knew the Lord was showing me that I was NOW at the beginning of the harvest, it was TIME to begin harvesting the fruit that he had put in my life so many years earlier.

As I lay there, God began to put the pieces together of the direction he wanted me to take. I knew he was saying that all that I'd been through was for such a time as this and NOW was the time for the fruit to come to fruition and that I was to bring HOPE to the Christians. I wasn't exactly sure how he wanted me to do that but as I thought of my cousins dealing with the cancer, I KNEW what God was saying. He showed me the seed (which are the poems) and he just began to layout his plan for this book. He spoke to my spirit and told me to write a daily devotional and it would be to four different areas of Christians going through difficult times. Seeds Of Hope BookThe first area was those dealing with disease and illness, whether their own pain or struggling with a loved one that is going through this, secondly were those Christians dealing with death and loss, whether is was a physical death, divorce, the dying of a dream, there were so many things in this particular area that could bring loss, and lastly the Lord showed me those Christians who are dealing with being shut-in or held in captivity, like Christians that are in prison, like the elderly unable to get out and sometimes even bedridden.

The Lord spoke to my heart about the brokenness and the woundedness of peoples hearts and reminded me that just because someone may be a Christian it does not mean that they are exempt from trials and tribulations and that so many of them just want to be able to get up and cry out to God for some sort of confirmation and then literally hear back from God as he uses one of the poems, to encourage and lift up, it's like getting a Word From The Lord.

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